About Us

Welcome To Bilt Apps

Bilt Apps is a web development company, which you can trust. Any business that is looking for web design related services can get in touch with us. We provide a variety of software development services to the clients in need. We have been able to prove our expertise throughout the past as well. The positive reputation that we have earned bear testimonials for the level of service that we offer.

Who Are We

We are a leading software company in Sri Lanka with a team of well-experienced software engineers. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the best possible web design related services to our clients, without compromising the quality. It can help us to achieve our vision in the long run as well.

What We Do

we do web design, web development, software development, mobile application development, logo design and social media marketing etc.

Our History

we started software development as a career several years ago. Bilt Apps was established in 2014 by a group of software engineers. so we were able to build large number of business solutions for our clients. Because customer satisfaction is our strength. Finally we were able to have large number of happy clients with us. It is a great asset to us. 

Our 6-D Process


First of all we have to discover about your business requirement. after you give us your requirement we will discover first.


After discover about your business requirement, we have to define how to do this system. it means how we start your system and how we can divide it into small parts. so mainly we focus about project management part. 


Then we start to design your system according to your requirement. we are experts in creating attractive unique web designs. 


After design part complete, we can start developments on your system. because this is the main important part of your system. we are experts in software development.


Then we can start deploy your system after development process completed. furthermore we test your system several times. we have well-experienced quality assurance team to test your systems. 


Finally we can deliver your system to you, after all previous process completed and no any issues with your system. so this is our process to deliver successful system to you. 


Why Choose Us?

We always provide you premium and elegant responsive web designs. we are using latest design techniques to give you awesome creative website.

We always provides you consulting services to improve your businesses. we are ready to give you help and support to achieve your business goals.

We always develop best desktop, web and mobile apps for your business needs. we are using latest technologies to give you best outcome.

We are a group of experienced software engineers. we have 5 years plus experience related to web design and development. 

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